The Big Picture

a new musical dramedy

Book Music and Lyrics by Heather Reid

“It's a pity party, come together, time of year. I have a thousand friends but I'm alone in here”- Stewart Grossbaum

This is the story of a baby boomer (Stewart Grossbaum) who is desperately trying to navigate his new role as an old timer. Vanity, and social media are his best friends and worst enemy. “The Big Picture” takes us down many imaginative back roads according to this man's very vivid and colorful selective recollection of things. For example: “back in the day, ya know, when I was hanging out at Studio 54 with Andy and Lou...”. Makes for a good story, doesn't it? You get to be the judge, that is if you're feeling judgmental.

We the audience have a front row ticket to Stews present day relationship with his adult kids and 3rd wife. He's a Boca Raton wheeling and dealing socialite and concierge travel agent. With a selective memory and an inflated sense of self (that gets him in doors and into occasional trouble) combined with an intense need to overshare with the world we hope to have created an amazing smorgasbord of entertainment.