Singles and Compilations

2020 Heather Reid Music, Single “Right Here, Right Now”

2014 Heather Reid Music, Single “Be Mine Tonight”

2007 Phyllis Records, Single “Can’t Be Stopped”

2004 KPM Music LTD ROCK CANDY Single “Don’t Pick Me Up”

2004 Tommy Boy THE “L” WORD Featuring “Genius”

2002 KPM Music LTD Eelectic Alternative compilation Featuring “Heard it All Before”

1999 MCA Records CD, Single, Promo "Smash"

1998 MCA Records CD, Single, Promo "La Di Da"

1998 Geffen Records GOLD SELLING ALBUM Sabrina The Teenage Witch Soundtrack Featuring “Smash”

1995 MCA Records Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits Featuring “H.R. Pufnstuf”

1995 MCA Records Single Promo “All I Need To Know"

1994 MCA Records Single Promo “You Suck”